ADC’s underground drilling rigs work safely and efficiently anywhere under the ground. The U-range drilling rigs have been developed through extensive experience of drilling work in our own operations, which means an efficient tool for underground drilling.

The drilling rigs move independently, with agility and ease, at a speed of 10 km/h. With the U range, a 500 m move to the production area is performed up to five times faster than with traditional drilling rigs. You can read more about our Underground range under ‘Features’.

Underground drilling


Occupational safety as a priority

The U-range rigs have been developed with safety of work in mind. These rig features a safety cage that covers the drilling unit, wirelessly controlled drilling-unit positioning, and ROPS/FOPS-protection for the cabin, among many other elements.

Also, ADC offers thorough instructions and training in the use and maintenance of the rigs, to ensure maximal occupational safety.

Wide drilling angles

The next-generation design of the positioning structure guarantees extremely wide drilling angles and good reach. The U range can drill 360 degrees vertically and 270 horizontally, which means that there is no need to move the platform frequently when the drilling involves a series of several holes. Positioning is handled with a wireless remote controller, which makes it extremely precise and easy.

Effortless movement

The U-range rigs have been built to move independently, so all you need to do is to attach the rod trailer and change the drilling spot. The platform is easy to navigate and can move at up to 10 km/h; movement is fast and effortless. To improve visibility and movement safety, two cameras are connected to the platform, whose feed is supplied to the cabin’s screens.

Comfort of work

The U-range drilling rigs are easy for a single operator to use by means of the control board, which is extremely easy to operate and the most lightweight on the market. The ergonomics of the work will reach a whole new level, thanks to the standing platform placed underneath the drilling unit, improving the working position and reducing the need for reaching that is harmful to the joints at difficult drilling angles.

Our rigs can be customised to suit the customer’s needs, and they include extensive accessory options that guarantee comfort and safety in the work.


Maximal production time

Moving and maintenance are a necessary element that takes time away from production, but ADC has developed solutions that minimise this time. With a U-range drilling rig, production can be started up to five times faster than with traditional drilling rigs. This is enabled by independent movement at 10 km/h and positioning with a remote controller, which make the rig ready for use in as little as five minutes. In addition, ADC uses technology in its rigs that increases the time between maintenance breaks and improves component durability.

A high-performance drilling unit

The standard delivery of a U-range rig comes with a drilling unit that enables drilling 650 m up, 1,100 m horizontally, and 1,300 m down with BQ equipment. In addition, the rig can be tailored to meet customer‑specific needs, for the greatest possible benefit and efficiency from it.


Product information

Length: 7,8-10 m
Hydraulic pump: 140 cc
Width: 2,5 m
Hydraulic tank capacity: 220 l
Height: 2,7-4 m
Hydraulic oil cooler
Weight: 10-15 t
Plate heat exchanger
Separate filtering and cooling pump
Feed length: 1800 m
Input force: 85 kN
75-110 kW
Lifting force: 85 kN
Torque: 371-1030 Nm
Drilling angles: 210 degrees horizontally, 180 degrees vertically
Maximum pressure: 100 bar
Holding capacity: 60–130 kN
Output: 165 l/min
Drilling depth, BQ: Up: 650 m up, 1,100 m horizontal, 1,300 m down
Hydrostatic or torque converter transmission
Winch drum capacity: 600–1,400 m, 5–6 mm cable
Four-wheel steering
Excellent turning radius
Driving speed: 0–10 km/h

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Underground series

ADC’s underground drilling rigs are the fastest in set-up times and independently mobile up to 10 km/h. Our underground drilling rigs also guarantee the widest drilling angles on the market. These specs combined offer remarkable time saving in drilling.

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Surface series

ADC’s surface drilling unit offers many drilling methods, all in one convenient unit. This rig has been designed with comfortable work and an ergonomic workspace in mind, and it is extremely easy to use and move. The rig’s high-power diesel engine allows holes to be drilled to a depth of two kilometres.

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