Experience creates drilling excellence

ADC provides both surface and underground diamond drilling services, utilizing drilling rigs, which were developed with the experience we have acquired.

How it works

We deliver top-quality samples to the customer regardless of the surrounding conditions. In surface drilling, our customers benefit from our rig’s environment-friendliness and easy maneuverability, even in the most extreme conditions. Underground, our personnel work with the next-generation drilling rigs, which clearly save time during transport and positioning while increasing occupational safety.

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More accurate cutting
Avoid structural damage and produce less debris, which saves both time and disposal costs.

Visually analyze samples
Diamond drilling provides a great opportunity to visually analyze samples in the form of undisturbed core structures.

Next level user-friendliness
Human error should be a rare occurrence. To combat human errors, we have taken drilling software to the next level.

Very little noise and no dust

Diamond drilling is suitable for almost any working environment as the process produces very little noise, no dust and mobilisation to drill site leaves no marks to environment.