Great results with high rate of penetration

Reverse circulation drilling provides detailed information from the bedrock quickly and cost-effectively.

How it works

RC drilling produces dry crushed rock chips with desired interval, as large compressed air dries the rock ahead of the advancing drill bit. ADC uses only new RC rigs with automated rod handling to ensure high quality samples, safety at work and interrupted workflow. This type of drilling employs a technology wherein the drill grinds the drilling sample and lifts it through the drilling rod to sample bags. With RC drilling, a rock sample can be obtained from a specific layer without mixing it with materials from other layers.

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The penetration rate is fast
The fast penetration rate often means significant cost savings compared to other drilling methods.

Anywhere, any climate
RC technology was originally developed for difficult conditions, from permafrost to broken rock.

All our RC-rigs have enclosed cabin for safe operations.

Reduce drilling costs up to 40%

Compared to core drilling, the faster penetration rate achieved with RC drilling reduces costs in the range of 25% to 40%.