Arctic Drilling Company

Better drilling everywhere in the world

Extreme conditions, extreme results

ADC, specialized in sustainable drilling, provides full-scope exploration drilling services and develops and manufactures drilling rigs.

Comprehensive drilling services around the globe

ADC serves its customers around the world, always reliably and safely, guaranteeing efficient drilling even in extreme conditions. We offer the best certified exploration drilling rigs in the field and professional personnel whose skills have been finely honed in practical work. It is important to us that our drilling jobs are always carried out in an environmentally friendly manner, so that the impact on surrounding nature is as small as possible. ADC is an efficient, environment-friendly, and reliable partner for surface and underground drilling.

Comprehensive drilling services

When you choose ADC, you will receive the total package, which eliminates the need for several contractors.


From the design stage to the practical field work, ADC always strives for drilling solutions that are environmentally-friendly.

Large capacity

As the demand for diamond core drilling services keeps increasing, we have worked diligently to grow our mobile rig fleet.

Safety and environment

At ADC we have an unyielding commitment to the occupational safety of our workers, as well as to the protection of the environment.

Safety & environment


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