Surface drill rig

Every ADC surface drilling design marries safety with user-friendliness.

Efficiently, safely and ecologically

High quality core samples guaranteed. Thanks to the rubber tracks, these surface drill rigs are environmentally friendly and suitable for all types of terrain.

Remote-controlled surface drilling

The four core features of every ADC surface drilling design are: safety, cost-efficiency, eco-friendliness and user-friendliness. Sample handling and the drilling work can be done safely inside the rig’s ergonomic interior, while the rig is steered conveniently with a remote controller. The power, torque and high-performance components of the rig allows for drilling holes up to 3500 meters deep. Not only powerful, the rig’s modern design also makes long maintenance intervals possible, which creates great savings.

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Ecological & rapid mobility

Surface drilling rigs move with dexterity while preserving the environment, at a speed of 10 km/h even on challenging terrain.

Water circulation & cleaning

Optional, fully closed combined water circulation and cleaning system doesn’t release dirty water into nature.

Unmatched working environment

The rig’s interior is safe and ergonomic. It also has a fixed frame and canopy top.

When there is drilling to be done, the experts of ADC are happy to answer the call – no matter the conditions. If you want to see us in action, both underground and on the surface, watch this video and take a closer look at the way we deliver results.

Highly-efficient power source

The high-efficiency power source combined with the use of high-quality components guarantees sufficient power even in deep drilling.

Quiet and agile drill rigs

Nimbly moving and quiet, the rubber tracks used in ADC’s rigs create lower surface pressure on the soil than the human foot.

Product information

Length: 7.5-9.6m Width: 2.5-3.2m Height 3.3 5m Weight: 16-21 t
Drilling unit
Feed length: 2100 m
Feed force: 65–105 kN
Pulling force: 150–190 kN
Torque: 371–1030 Nm
Drilling position: 40–90°
Holding capacity: 85–260 kN
Max. depths: NQ 3,500 m
Diesel engine
Power: 235 kW
Fuel tank capacity: 400 l
Electrical system: 24 V
10 kVA, 230/400 V
Hydrostatic-mechanical transmission
Rubber tracks
Driving speed: 0–10 km/h
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic tank capacity: 220 l
Hydraulic oil cooler
Heat exchanger
Separate filtering and cooling pump
Maximum pressure: 160 bar
Output: 120 l/min
Wireline winch
Drum capacity: 1,400–3,500 m, 5–6 mm cable