An easy, realiable and efficient solution for underground drilling.

Underground drilling made user-friendly

When you need safe, efficient and versatile underground drilling rigs, we can supply the right machinery. Cutting-edge software saves both time and money.

Time is money in the drilling business

While moving and maintaining the equipment are necessary tasks, they do take valuable time away from the actual production. To minimize this time, ADC has developed several unique solutions. For example, the production can be started up to five times faster with our U-range drillings rigs compared to the traditional alternatives. This is based on advanced automation and remote control, which makes the rig ready for use in as little as five minutes. Additionally, the technology ADC utilizes in its rigs increases the time between maintenance breaks and improves the long-term component durability.

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The fastest setup time

Production can be started up to five times faster than with traditional drilling rigs.

Wide drilling angles

The next-generation design of the positioning structure guarantees extremely wide drilling angles.

Increased safety

Our rigs features a safety cage that covers the drilling unit, among many other elements.

When there is drilling to be done, the experts of ADC are happy to answer the call – no matter the conditions. If you want to see us in action, both underground and on the surface, watch this video and take a closer look at the way we deliver results.

Product information

Length: 7,8-10m Width: 2.5m Height 2.7-4m Weight: 10-15t
Drilling unit
Feed length: 1800 m
Input force: 85 kN
Lifting force: 85 kN
Torque: 371-1030 Nm
Drilling angles: 210 degrees horizontally, 180 degrees vertically
Holding capacity: 60–130 kN
Drilling depth, BQ: Up: 650 m up, 1,100 m horizontal, 1,300 m down
Hydrostatic or torque converter transmission
Four-wheel steering
Excellent turning radius
Driving speed: 0–10 km/h
Hydraulic system
Hydraulic pump: 140 cc
Hydraulic tank capacity: 220 l
Hydraulic oil cooler
Plate heat exchanger
Separate filtering and cooling pump
Electric engine
75-110 kW
Water pump
Maximum pressure: 100 bar
Output: 165 l/min
Cable winch
Winch drum capacity: 600–1,400 m, 5–6 mm cable