Making directional core drilling fast and easy to perform

Why choose DCD technology from ADC? Because we are one company that can execute hole planning, conventional drilling and directional core drilling.

How it works

Choosing directional core drilling (DCD) technology over traditional drilling methods is based on the ability to always reach the set target, which it self is already giving geologist confidence to plan deeper holes. Reaching targets combined with branching the hole is the solution which saves notable amount of money as total drilled meters for the project are lower.

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Highly accurate
The Aziwell’s product Azidrill, which ADC uses hits any target with high accuracy (within 1% error), while collecting 36,4mm core during the process.

ADC partnership 
From the hole and branch planning to the highly skilled drillers, ADC can provide the total drilling package.

Cost efficiency
Multiple branch holes may considerably reduce the total length of the drilling project, providing overall cost savings in deep hole drilling.