We produce high-quality drill samples
efficiently, safely, and ecologically.

Arctic Drilling Company serves its customers around the world, always reliably and safely, guaranteeing efficient drilling even in extreme conditions. We offer the best certified exploration drilling rigs in the field and professional personnel whose skills have been finely honed in practical work. It is important to us that our drilling jobs always be carried out in an environmentally friendly manner, so that the impact on surrounding nature is as small as possible. Arctic Drilling Company is an efficient, environment-friendly, and reliable partner for surface and underground drilling.


We always consider the environment in our activities. Our equipment and services conform to environmental protection standards and are fully certified. We make sure that the environmental impact of the rigs and jobs is always minimal. We design the routes to the drilling sites alongside the customer, so that they are safe and there is as little impact on the environment as possible.


Our rigs have been designed to be as easy to use as possible. The rigs have been tested in practical operation, and the work is done from the rig’s ergonomic cabin, guaranteeing comfort of work also in extreme conditions. Technology developed by ADC enables the automatic control of the rigs, making it easy and efficient also when performed remotely. In addition, it is easy to service our rigs on site, thereby keeping the job going without long downtime.

Occupational safety

Occupational safety is essential in all drilling. At ADC, we operate on the principle that the operations should not cause safety hazards or harm the environment. We ensure maximal occupational safety through regular maintenance and by training the drillers well and giving them thorough orientation before the job begins.

Innovation, for guaranteed efficiency

We continuously develop our rigs and strive for extreme innovation to guarantee production efficiency. The technology we use in the rigs and our work has been designed to bring added value to the customer and cost-efficiency for the job. We continuously develop our products in order to provide superior services for extreme conditions.

Listening to the customer and co-operation

We are the pioneers in our field when it comes to listening to the customer, and we design all of our service to correspond precisely to the customer’s needs and timetables, always. We also provide our customers with consultation so that, together, we can reach the best possible outcome in the drilling jobs and ensure that the rig used has the most suitable features for the job. Our activities are strongly guided by the value of co-operation. We always design our products in practical work conditions, with user‑friendliness in mind.

Comprehensive service

We always offer the customer solutions from beginning to end. At ADC, listening to the customer means that we are always there when you need help with the job. We make sure that it is as easy as possible to service our equipment, and we offer the necessary training and instructions for trouble‑free use of the rigs. We also make sure that all traces of the activities are removed from the drilling site at the end of the job. We implement all drilling jobs efficiently, safely, and in an environmentally friendly manner.

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Underground rigs - ADC

Underground series

ADC’s underground drilling rigs are the fastest in set-up times and independently mobile up to 10 km/h. Our underground drilling rigs also guarantee the widest drilling angles on the market. These specs combined offer remarkable time saving in drilling.

Surface series

ADC’s surface drilling unit offers many drilling methods, all in one convenient and mobile unit. This rig has been designed with comfortable work and an ergonomic workspace in mind, and it is extremely easy to use and move. The rig’s high-power diesel engine allows holes to be drilled to a depth of two kilometres.

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